hey you want to know somthing? im not to proud to admit it either, i miss my former best friend. He knows who he is, nothing can ever be the same between us. But i can cope with thatm i think. i miss having someone that i can talk to though, i used to be able to talk to him about anything. Sure sometimes i risked the chance of being called dumb, or dork, or the like, but hey that was better than the alternative! My guy would prefer it if i could talk to him about things that bother me, i just can't do that though. No matter how hard i try... i just can't, after a few things that happened way back when, i learned not to share too much, the are people who could make my life a living hell if they wanted to, simply because they know too much! I know that in the end it can all come back on me just in a matter of time...that sucks, it really truly does!!! i doubt that he really misses me though, but thats ok, i expect that so later y'all...have a fun 4th of july if i don't talk to you before then!

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