hey everybody! Whats up with all of you? i took my written exam for Drivers Ed yesterday and i got a 95/100 (thats only 5 wrong for u none mathematically minded, j/k!) and then today i took my range test, only 2 points off!!! (true i may have cheated, but everybody does, and i didn't get caught!) and then tomorrow (wednesday) i take the raod portion of my test!!! yay..i almost have my permit!! wahoo!! yippee!!! sorry im a bit excited! and yah, maybe i'll get to see SF today, i kinda hope so, but then again, maybe i should see how long i can go with out seeing him...before going crazy, hmmm how 'bout not! after i go on vacation, i'll come back, see him once, and then not see him again for another week before he goes to band camp and then i won't see him again until me and my mommy go to pick him up...*sigh*

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