is it just be, or did this year suck? but yah, i mean, not everything has sucked...but a large portion of it has... my first fight with rachel, losing jesse, and all that other stuff...but other things have gotten better...now i have stash...he's been the best thing in my life for a long while now...and then josh and me have gotten closer, me and kurt to ...and who could forget larry??? so i have made new friends and lost a really good one... but there's so much that made this year great, and then so more that just made it really really suck...once skool ends, this will probably go on hiatus...i think that i spelled that right... but do you know what i hate the most of all? i hate tiptoeing around people, just because they having a rough time...that just pisses me off so much!! that is one of the advantages to keeping all your feelings inside, to not sharing with anyone, to never letting anyone know that something is wrong... thats what i do most of the time...if it wasn't for this blog, no one would honestly know how i feel... and thats the way i like to keep things..

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