if one more thing happens this week...i swear i'm just gonna burst into tears... its hard o just stay in control right now as it is...my mom made me so mad... apparently i was being cranky at home so she asked why, i said that "i am really stressed out right now, cuz i have to many things to do and not enough time to do it in!" so the only reply she had to that was..."well then why did you go to the mall?"... then she told me that i had been really bitchy and needed to go to bed earlier from now on...isn't that just great... your own mom tells you that you are being bitchy...she doesn't care that you are stressed or about to crack...she just simply doesn't care!!! that sucks... i wish stash was here...he can always make everything better with just a hug...i think i'm gonna need a big hug right now...from anyone too...then i got yelled at because i didn't let the dog out and he peed on the floor...i was gone, i came back to drop off a book...the dog wasn't even down there!!!...then i still have to tiptoe around that someone, but thats really hard when they don't know that you know...where are my guys when i need them...i'd take a hug from any of them right now...stash, rick, mike, josh, kurt, even larry...*sigh*

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