hey people...don't you just hate when something's wrong and you feel like you should be able to fix it or at least make things better... and you can't do anything at all...that helpless feeling is the worst feeling in the world...at least i think so.. i was worried about stash yesterday though...he said something about going to canada....just disappearing for a couple of days...then i got mad and told him that if he' d of actually gone and not even of told me that he had left i would of either said..well you know what? we're through, or if you ever pull a freaking stunt like that again..we will be...i think he got upset when i said that though... but everythings all good now..i just wanted to pull him into my lap and hold him and make him feel better...i can't do that though...he won't let me...i hate that helpless feeling...

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