hi again! yah yah i know, i'm a bad blogger, i rarely post everyday now...no time really, especially now that i actually have to WORK in science again...so yah, it's monday...the suckiest day of all days, except this week we don't have school so it doesn't count!!! so anyway, Solo and Ensemble Festival (s&e) was on saturday..me and jesse so desevered a 1 on our duet...(we got a two)..but we had stupid clarinet 3 for a judge, so noooooooooooo....and our trio was AWESOME!!!! go me jesse and larry...we got a 1 and are definitely going to states now...yay!!!! and yah so like i said, it's monday, and stash had his surgey this morning, i went and visited him for about and hour and a half earlier...he was hopped up on vicadin (sp) he's cute when he's drugged...and he's cute when he's not too... but hey, it works...i changed my mind again, even if rocky asked me out...i wouldn't give up stash for anyone...i am passed my original stage i mentioned last time...do you think stash is cute?

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