hey! i was gonna post yesterday, but i got kicked off before i could...then stash came over...its not good...he can tell i'm thinking about something...and i think he can tell thats its something that i don't want to tell him...well at least not yet... i saw stash everyday last week from sunday 2/10 - yesterday well except for saturday...i went to the mall with larry and jesse that day...i was being really really really dumb...i was talking about before i really got to know stash...and about how i didn't really notice him cuz of the other person i liked (rocky for all you dumb kids..jk)and i told him about how i liked this person for 3 years...i think that might of scared him...especially since i won't tell him who it was...well i got to go...oh and just so all you know...i think i still love everyone..i can't decide..

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