i love you too jesse!!! well you know what i mean...i love everyone..at the moment at least...so yah i went to the mall with stash yesterday...we were there for about 3 hours or so..we had fun..i guess..anyway...so i got haome at like 7:40 and my mom thought i was high or something cuz my eyes were all red from mny contacts...that was screwy but so then at like 8:30 the phone rings..i was assuming that it was my dad...but lo and behold, big surprise...it was stash's friend chris..ya know the one that likes RACHEL! and so i thought he was gona ask me something about rachel but instead he asked me out for stash!..he kept going on and on about how he didn't want stash to pass up this opportunity and that i was the right girl for him and everything...it was kinda strange...and he wouldn't tell me if stash knew about this or if he was there or anything like that..it was weird oh well..now i g2g to LOtown and find out if stash knew about it in the first place...uh-oh..what if he doesn't? well then i'll just be screwed...i love you guys...

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